Business Information


Patients are required to sign the “Financial Policy/Disclosure Agreement” upon admission to BPSC. A deposit or co-payment amount will be collected prior to or upon admission for most insurance plans. This amount will be refunded if the surgery is cancelled. Patients who refuse to comply with the financial arrangements of the center may be deferred admission with the approval of the attending physician and surgery center administration.
As a courtesy, we will file your insurance. If you do not have insurance coverage or wish to pay your deposit prior to surgery, please contact the Business Office at 859-260-7025.

You will receive a separate bill for the following services:

  • Surgery center facility
  • Your physician or surgeon
  • Anesthesiologist Laboratory tests, EKG and/or radiology, if ordered by your physician
  • Pathology, if any tissues or specimens are removed during the procedure
  • Durable medical equipment, if required