Disclosure of Ownership


Baptist-Physicians’ Surgery Center is a Limited Liability Company, a minority of which is owned by local physicians, one of whom may be your physician.  These physicians have become owners as a result of their commitment to quality healthcare and services to their patients.  Baptist-Physicians’ Surgery Center, LLC places special emphasis on fully informing our patients of this ownership.  It is our goal to inform you and treat you professionally at all times. Baptist Physicians Surgery Center may have a financial relationship with your physician.  You may contact your physician to obtain a list of alternative health care facilities where he/she has privileges to practice.


Walid Abou-Jaoude, MD
J. Thomas Adkins, MD
James Akin, MD
Keith Alexander, MD
Richard Baehler, MD
Blake Bradley, MD
G. Derek Weiss, MD
Warren Frank, MD
Jennifer Fuson, MD
Grace Gibbs DO
W. David Hager, MD
Kenneth Hughes, MD
Alberto Laureano, MD
John R. Lyon, MD
Thomas Menke, MD
Karabeth Moore, MD
Margaret Napolitano, MD
Randal Owen, MD
George Page, MD

Olson Parrott, MD
Edwin Rogers, MD
Justin Saunders, MD
Cameron Schaeffer, MD
Karen Schell, MD
Matthew Shane, MD
Lynne Simms, MD
Chris Stephens, MD
Peter Tate, MD
Woodford Van Meter, MD
Ray Van Metre, MD
John Vaughan, MD
George Veloudis, DO
Jon Voss, MD
Henry Wells, MD
Jerry Yon, MD
Bradley Youkilis, MD